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Ecosox bamboo socks

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

bamboo eco sox
The folks from ecosox.com offered me some bamboo eco socks to test drive in exchange for an honest review. The socks are advertised to be great for running, walking, active sports and everyday activities.

I tried them out for a few walks and completed a few workouts in them. They are great socks! …they put all my other socks to shame, since they are really comfortable and very soft on the feet. They seemed to cushion my feet and make them feel comfortable and rested. The socks are made from bamboo and from what I read from the FAQ on their website, the best features of bamboo are that bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemicals, and is naturally regenerative.

If you want to step into a world full of comfy socks (and why wouldn’t you?) bamboo ecosox are available directly from Ecosox or from Amazon.

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