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Black Furry Winter Boots Vegan Fleece Uggs

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

These boots have a black Faux suede upper in addition to black faux fur lining in ALL of inner boot. They are warm and toasty and fun to wear. They have a flat heel so walking on winter ice and snow is safe and easy. Perfect for wearing tucked in to your skinny jeans. I also like the look when worn with skirts and dresses. They often sell out, so if they have your size, pounce!
$29.98 at Amazon

Black Furry Winter Boots Vegan Fleece Women

Monday, November 7th, 2011
vegan uggs

Do these boots ever go out of style? The classic vegan uggs! Perfect for cozy winter days and nights when cold toes are old fashioned! The reviewers on Amazon rave about how perfect these boots are …look like uggs yet they are cruelty free and priced right!
$29.98 at Amazon

JC Fashion Boots Faux Suede Lug Sole Boot

Monday, January 17th, 2011

vegan ugg boots
I go back and forth between loving these ugg-like boots and then getting disgusted because everyone owns them!! …but they are so cute and comfy …decisions!! ..anyway, if you are interested in getting a pair made entirely of man-made materials, these are a great option! Great colors and excellent price. There are 50 Amazon customers reviewing these boots and everyone loves them! Grab yourself a pair while they still have your size.
$24.99 at Amazon

Beige Furry Winter Boots Vegan Fleece Women

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

vegan boots that look like uggs
If you are looking for this style of boots, this brand gets consistent rave reviews on Amazon. Everyone says that they are comfy and plush and warm and cozy. Emphasis on comfy! They are completely vegan so no worries about animal cruelty. A small price to pay to keep your feet warm and your spirits high as winter cold and chill descends upon us.
$34.99 at Amazon

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